New Addition to the Family


Meet my 8 month old grandson, Alfie. Who couldn’t love the shiny golden coat, long saggy ears, moist nose and dopey eyes. He’s such friendly little fellow and a real show stopper when we are out walking.

6.30 most mornings I take Alfie down to Pwlldu Bay. Setting off down the bridle path passing in front of Hael Farm Cottage we travel down the lane for about half a mile before we meet the stream coming down from Bishopston Valley, and turning right we follow the stream for about a mile until it flows into the sea at Pwlldu Bay. I’d forgotten how magical this walk is. Through ancient woodland with dappled sunlight filtering through the tree canopy and a chorus of bird chatter of huge variety. The scent of wild garlic in Spring, bluebells and wild roses delights the senses.

The latter part of the path is flanked by a marshy area to the left and the steeply rising tree covered cliffs of the valley to the right. it meets the vehicle track which descends from the eastern side of the valley, which is the only vehicular access to Pwlldu Bay, and then only passable for 4X4 vehicles. As the path meets the track two houses come into sight, originally hostelries for the legitimate and illegal traders who used the bay to import and export their goods, now family homes. 100 metres further and you descend a few feet onto the shingle beach above the tide line and take in the breathtaking view out to sea and across to the somerset and Devon coast. A truly magic moment.

At this point I usually spend an hour or so training Alfie to “come” in return for a treat. unfortunately he has already developed selective hearing and only “comes” when there is nothing more interesting at hand. By 7.30 there is usually at least one other canine friend on the beach for Alfie to play and romp with, and with that all thoughts of training are lost.

I return by retracing my steps up the valley and the bridal path to Hael Farm and Hael Farm Cottage where we both have our breakfast……and a short rest.

Hael Farm Cottage is an ideal base for this and other local walks, and week end and mid week walking breaks are available from September to June and are surprisingly good value. Visit our web site at for full details about our cottages.

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