Oxwich Bay

Just 10 minutes drive from Hael Farm Cottage, Oxwich offers a broad expanse of sand, stunning views and one of the nicest restaurants in Gower, though not to be outdone, the Oxwich Bay Hotel is highly rated too.

Of course, not everyone wants to enjoy great cuisine, and if simple food is more your ‘thing’, there’s a great little fish and chip shop and a shop selling home made sandwiches just across the road.

If you want to skip packing a picnic, Oxwich is a great choice for all the family.

The beach itself offers all the facilities you would expect, and is accessible by wheelchair. Parking is close at hand, and there is a great boardwalk which makes for easy access. It’s also one of the few popular beaches that allow dogs all year round.

Oxwich Bay is suitable for watersports and is also conveniently accessible by public transport.

The restaurant is open after hours for stunning sunsets, with tables on the terrace overlooking the glorious bay.

We think Gower really is the land of dreams. Dine at sunset after a glorious summer day, you won’t want to leave (we’re just glad we don’t have to!)

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