Rhossili and Wind Farms

Rhossili and Wind Farms will they Spoil the Gower and decimate Views.?  My current guests at Hael Farm Cottage went to Rhossili on Tuesday evening to see the phenomenal Sunset. It was so spectacular that they thought they had died and gone to heaven!! They hail from the Midlands and never normally have the opportunity to enjoy sights like this.

Imagine their shock and horror when I told them that there is a proposal to put a huge wind farm in the Bristol Channel. Huge 220 foot high turbines just 13 km from Lundy dominating the skyline and obliterating the view from Rhossili.

Rhossili  is 1st in the Uk, 3rd in Europe, and 10th in the world in Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice 2013 Top World Beaches, was placed 11th best view in the world by the Jacobs Creek poll, and voted 2nd best sunset in world after San Francisco in Hello magazine. Sunsets from Rhossili are 7th most photographed in the world.

Gower has 5 Blue Flag beaches and 4 Green Coast awards. The Good Beach Guide 2013 gives 90% of Swansea Beaches their top award for water quality. Gower has unpolluted night skies and looks out to Lundy, the UK’s only maritime conservation zone.

No wonder the Gower attracts over 1 million visitors annually, mostly here to enjoy the Gower Landscape, beaches and spectacular views. Would these people want to come and look at turbine arrays? Tourism is nowadays at the heart of the Gower Economy and is estimated to bring in £335 million per annum to the Swansea Bay area. Can we afford to have that income jeopodised by the Atlantic Array wind farm just off the Gower Coast?

The Rhosilli Working Group (RWG) has benn establishes to campaign against the wind farm. Visit their web site www.NoAtlanticArray.org for further information and guidance on how to register “Relevant Representations” to the Government Inspectors who will ultimately make a recommendation to the Secretary of State as to whether to grant permission for this development.

It is in the interests os locals and visitors alike to resist this unsightly and unnecessary development which will decimate one of the key attractions of the Gower. Please get involved.

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