Alfie shares his #HappyPlace

Alfie, the Golden Cocker Spaniel lives next door to Hael Farm Cottage near Southgate on the beautiful Gower Peninsula.  Alfie shares his lockdown story, his happy place and why he can’t wait for visitors to return: 

I love living here at Hael Farm – there is lots of space to enjoy, just a few minutes drive from Three Cliffs Bay, Pennard Castle and Pwlldu – our private gated courtyard is totally private and secluded so I can play without worrying about traffic and it’s surrounded by trees.  Visitors tell me it’s ‘magical’, whatever that means – but for the past year I’ve had all this space to myself.

I really miss seeing people.  Guests always give me lots of attention, they say I am beautiful and give me treats when I am good (I think I am good all the time!), and Grandad tells me they will be coming back soon, which is wonderful, because I am very friendly!  Some guests even bring dogs with them, and I love playing with them, but humans are my favourite because they are the ones who give me treats.

During lockdown, I was a bit lonely but I helped my humans build a new duck pond at Hael Farm and we have been for long walks on Gower’s beautiful beaches – just because I am a dog doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a nice sunrise (and there’s been plenty!)   Every morning around 6 o’clock I take my grandpa for a walk, either along the cliffs and down onto Pobbles beach or down the valley to Pwll Du beach. I love the mornings mainly because I get fed half my breakfast before we go and half when we get back.

I’ve also helped Mama with her paintings and with gardening – she talks to me in a silly voice to make me wag my tail, but she doesn’t understand I miss all the guests and the people we meet on our daily walks, I love all the compliments I get on my looks and on my rock climbing skills!

Dad says he can go and play golf on Pennard Golf Course today, which is exciting because we haven’t been for a while.  He also says that our first guests are hopefully coming to stay at Easter.  I don’t know what Easter is, but I do know what guests are and I can’t wait to share my special places in Gower with them.  Dad always tells visitors where the best places to go are, and he’s made a new ‘online visitor handbook’ to tell them about it all. 

I hope he’s remembered to mention which treats I like too!  Visitors make me happy – and Gower is my happy place.

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